Girl’s School

Wilsonia College - GirlsPrimary & Girls’ School —  The oldest building of the Group now nestles the primary & Girls’ section of Wilsonia. A need was seen through the opinion of the townsfolk to have a separate Girls’ branch for students of classes V to XII. Hence the inception of a separate Girls’ branch in 1988. The primary section has a separate portion for Nursery and Kindergarten exposure to the students to modern methods of teaching. The colourful painted walls and classrooms create a lively atmosphere for young students who have just starteed to experience school life.

Primary & Girls’ School (Campus) —  The Primary & Girls’ School is situated in the oldest building of the Group which is from where Wilsonia began. The building however has been renovated and since 2005 has a completely modern look with spacious classrooms and a plaing ground for the young students. The new modern nursery and play school is also very well equipped to assist in the new activity based education programme that has started at Wilsonia.

The branch contact number is: 0591 – 2410034

The school follows the courses prescribed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi.

It is the institution’s endeavor to provide a broad and liberal scope of education. So along with the traditionally taught subject viz. English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography, the school also teaches Art and craft, Accounts, Commerce, Classical and Western music. Indian classical music is compulsory for all girls. Sanskrit or Urdu are taught as the third language up to class VIII.

Wilsonia Girls CollegeIn conformance with the school’s focus of promoting correct values, Religious and Moral education forms an integral part of the curriculum. Moral Science classes are held from Nursery to VIII. A short worship service is held every morning during Assembly and is compulsory for all students.

General Knowledge is a part of the curriculum till class VIII.

Computer Study is compulsory from class IV upwards.

No exams are held up till class IV. Promotion is based on class performance and marks scored in the periodical unit tests.

Two streams of courses are offered in both class X and class XII.

1) Class X – Choice is given between Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology) and Commerce. The rest of the subjects are compulsory viz. English, Hindi, Social Studies (History/Civics and Geography), Environmental Education and a sixth subject which can be either Commercial Application or Computer Application. (Commerce students will be permitted to opt for Economics in place of Mathematics if they so desire).

2) Class XII – English & Environmental Education are compulsory for all students.

Wilsonia College - GirlsOptions Available:

Science Stream: Subjects taught are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Hindi and Computer. Students can choose any Three or Four.

Commerce Stream: Subjects taught are Economics, Commerce, Accounts, Hindi, Maths and Computer. Students can choose and Three or Four.


Registrations for new admission are done at the end of each academic year, generally in the months of January and February. In order to register a candidate the following information must be supplied-

1. Name of the Candidate.

2. Birth certificate in original.

3. The latest progress report of the last school attended.

After the above requirements have been submitted to the entire satisfaction of the Principal, the student’s name will be registered on the Waiting List for the class applied, after the payment of the registration fees.
Registration of candidate does NOT guarantee admission to the school. The dependencies for the admission can be found from the school prospectus.
The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission if the transfer certificate is not received on time, or if some flaws are found in the same. Under these circumstances the parent will forfeit the amount deposited towards admission fee.