Scholars’ Home

Scholars HouseWilsonia Scholars’ Home: This School is situated on Delhi Road, Pakbara, Moradabad about 11 kms away from Virginia Block. This School has recently acquired affiliation to the Central Board of Secondary Education. Delhi. Classes are held from Nursery to Class X. This School has the largest campus, spreading across an area of over 2 acres. Landscaping is similar to that of a farmhouse with birdcages, rose and gladioli gardens and clusters of palm trees etc, hence the name ‘Farmland’. The branch has its own cricket field, play ground, basketball, tennis, volleyball and badminton courts. The scenic view of fields and the serene atmosphere creates a very conducive atmosphere for learning. Classes XI and XII will be started in this School in the very near future.

The school also hosts a hostel. The hostel provides all the amenities required for a residential set up i.e Dormitories, Dining Hall, recreation room and study Hall.

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