Prizes and Awards

H.R. Wilson Educational and Cultural Competitions

Competitions are held in the following areas

  1. Recitation for all groups.
  2. Drawing for all groups. Group D will have Collage Making instead of drawing.
  3. Fancy Dress for Groups Infants, A & B only
  4. Group Song for Groups B, C & D.
  5. Group Dance for Group A, B, C & D.
  6. Calligraphy for Group Infant, A and B
  7. Speech Competition (English and Hindi) for Group C.
  8. Essay writing for Group C and D only.
  9. Debate in English and Hindi for Group D only
  10. Collage Making for Group D only.
  11. Story Telling – Group Infant Only


Followed by an Inter Branch and Inter School Trophy

Sports Trophies in:

  1. Atheletics
  2. Dodge Ball
  3. Chess
  4. Cricket
  5. Skating
  6. Footballl
  7. Basketball
  8. Badminton
  9. Best Athelete – Boys
  10. Best Athelete Girls
  11. Best Marching
  12. Best Pyramid
  • Atharva Shah Memorial Over all Best Student Scholarship
  • Old Wilsonians’ Association Best Student Scholarship
  • Topper ICSE and ISC Award
  • Award for First in Class
  • Award for 100% attendance