Why Wilsonia

What makes Wilsonians stand apart from other institutions. First and foremost we have the Unique Distinction of catering to every level of students. Be it preschoolers to under graduates. Along with that we offer two separate boards of study to our students, being affiliated to both ISC and CBSE boards of education. Each unit be it Wilson’s Play House, Wilsonia Boy’s School, Wilsonia Girls’ School, Wilsonia Scholars’ Home or Wilsonia Degree College has something positive to offer and hence Wilsonia as a Group has been at the pinnacle of success for the past nearly Five Decades. And it is for this reason also that Wilsonian have topped the District in the Board examinations since the very beginning.

Besides this Wilsonia is known for its emphasis not only on the Curricular but also on the Co-curricular activities. Every year students are given ample opportunity to show their talents in the Various Competitions and Functions and Sporting events that are organized and students always excel. Each Branch has their own plethora of activities that students participate in . This helps fill each Wilsonian with a sense of Confidence and the zest to do better. The School’s Motto of ‘Let Your Light Shine’ fills every Wilsonian with the zeal to illuminate the World.

Old Wilsonians hold esteemed positions across the World. Be it in the Corporate World. Or the Field of Medicine or Education, the Field of Sports or Export, Education, Defence even in Politics. Wilsonian are carving Niches for themselves everywhere. We wish all wilsonians all the Best wherever they are and whatever they do,

So as an institution and a place of learning. Wilsonia is an epitome of excellence. Beyond comparison with any other similar institution in the city or even the region. It is a institution committed to the cause of education and provides what it promises to all, irrespective of any religion, caste or creed. The promise is the over all development of every student. Taking them from adolence to becoming Citizens of the World.